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    Problem creating a portlet instance in JBoss Portal 2.6

    Igor Kazarnovski Newbie


      I try to migrate from JBoss Portal 2.2.1 to 2.6 and have a problem creating a portlet instance. I reference to the portlet in portelt-instances.xml : <portlet-ref> portletapp.myportlet</portlet-ref>. The portlet is a part of a web application called portletapp. The deployment descriptor portlet-instances.xml is a part of other web application called deplapp. I get following error message while deploying the web application containing the deployment descriptor: ?Failed to create instance myportletInstance of portlet deplapp.portletapp.myportlet because portlet deplapp.portletapp.myportlet is not available?. How can I create an instance of a portlet that deployed in the other web application?

      Thanks for help!