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    Difference between windows and sub-pages

    roth Newbie


      I am trying to understand what windows and sub-pages are for, and how to show different cms content based on the roles of the logged-in users.

      Here is what I have so far, please tell me if this is correct:
      - In 2.6, windows are parts of a page. They can show portlets, google widgets or CMS content.
      - In 2.6, there is no more CMS Portlet, CMS content is directly displayed by windows.
      - Windows cannot be secured, but portals, portlet instances, pages and cms files can be.

      And now some questions:
      - What are sub-pages needed for?
      - If there is no more CMS portlet, and windows cannot be secured, how do I create a page that shows CMS content A to role A, and CMS content B to role B?

      My approach for the last question was to create a page with both contents, and allow viewing only to the respective roles. By securing CMS files, this worked partly. I couldn't get rid of the 'access denied' error messages, and once I removed view access from a cms file for my admin role, it was gone for good from the managemet interface. I know this is kind of stupid, what what else would I do if role A I mentioned was my admin role?