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    saving admin portlet-based config as default portal config

    Vinh Nguyen Newbie

      Currently, the admin portlet is used to configure the portal at runtime. Instead of having the info saved to the db, is there a way to make it output to actual descriptor files that can be used to replace the original JBoss Portal descriptors, to make it the default configuration of the Portal itself?

      I'd like to configure the portal per customer, so each distribution will have its own default configuration. I was wondering if I can take advantage of the admin portlet as the "IDE" to customize the portal since it can already do this at runtime...instead of me needing to directly update the descriptor files to have the same end result. I don't want to distribute a product to a customer with data already in the db, requiring me to also distribute the db.

      It would be nice if the admin portlet could also be a stand-alone app by itself somehow, to configure the portal at design time instead of runtime. Could this be something supported by the Portal team in the future?