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    Does JBoss Portal have something like this for IFrames?

    Brendan Farragher Newbie

      Does JBoss Portal have configurable XML portlet fragments for IFrames as it is described here:


      I know about the IFramePortlet from portletswap. I would like to know if the URL for the IFramePortlet can be configured with a different URL when it is deployed (not modified via the Edit button), as it is described in the "Configuring the Web application as a portlet" section of this article. Notice how the IFramePortlet class is configured in the .xreg file. The URL that is displayed in the IFrame is a configurable parameter to the class.

      This would be cool, because then you could deploy the same class with different URL parameters, and then each portlet could display a different URL through an IFrame.

      Is this type of IFrame portlet URL configuration (via XML file) possible with JBoss Portal?