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    IPC: having the action from one portlet be processed by both

    Dan O Newbie


      I am building 2 IPC portlets where I want one portlet to send messages to a different portlet in the same page, but also have the action be processed by the originating portlet (to save portlet preferences).

      I am building off of the IPC example in the docs where I create an action URL in the originating portlet which gets listened to by the second portlet.

      I am able to see the message appear in the second portlet, but apparently, the processAction method of the originating portlet is not called. Does the second portlet intercept the action and not allow the processAction of the first portlet to be called? Is there a way around this so the request gets posted to both portlets?

      Thanks for your help!

      JBoss Portal Version : 2.6.2 Bundled
      Downloaded Portal, not from CVS
      JBoss AS Version: 4.2.1
      Database Vendor and Version: built-in
      JDBC Connector and Version: built-in
      OS Platform: Windows XP Pro