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    nested sar problem

    Vinh Nguyen Newbie

      I noticed that the binary download version is just a zip, and all child sar/war apps are exploded (i.e. portal-admin.sar). But, when using the source version, it deploys everything as zipped sars and wars separately, and portal-admin.sar is no longer inside the jboss-portal.sar deployment.

      I'd like to bundle everything into one zipped sar so that the portal product is easier to distribute and deploy. So I took the zipped versions of the child apps (i..e. portal-admin.sar), and put them into the zipped version of jboss-portal.sar. So the structure looks like follows:


      But the problem is when the jboss-portal.sar is deployed, I don't see the correct portals like the admin, cms, etc. Only if everything is completely exploded and deployed as a directory, then all works fine.

      I suspect that JBoss doesn't support a zipped sar nested in another zipped sar, but I can't seem to find any info to confirm this. Does anyone have any idea or solution to this problem? Any help is appreciated...thanks!