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    site using jbossportal

    je le Newbie

      For our current project, jboss + jbossportal is the solution I want to go with.
      Looking for references it seem jbp is one of the top choose, except I found barrely no one telling they're using it for this site of this one etc.. (with is strange : for typo3, ez, etc... there're plainty of references !? )

      i can live with it - I know what jbp can do :-) - exept "big bosses" - you know, those guys that know nothing in computer but have to make decisions - want references, screenshots, etc...

      Anyone can help ??? (I only found one ref for a belgium official site :-( )

      THKS !

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          Matthias Hueller Novice

          I'm also interested in references - can anyone tell me some companies/site which are using JBoss Portal?


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            Keuller Magalhães Newbie


            Our company uses JBoss Portal in the site http://www.versatiliti.com.br. All site was developed using JBoss Portal 2.6.4. We're too envolved a project that migrate to JBoss Portal.
            Our team has expertise to develop solutions using JBoss Portal and we create a project called MVC Portlet Framework that help us to developer application using a framework very simple and powerful astracting to us the complexity Portlet API. Coming soon we're publishing this project as Open Source.

            Our next step is use JSF and Portlet Bridge to developer solutions to JBoss Portal. But we need a stable version of Portlet Bridge to do it. In our tests Portlet Bridge shown us a good platform to developer applications integrated with JBoss Portal.