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    sharing a portlet between two or more virtual portals?


      I understand there is no point to share an instance between two portals but a portlet should be possible to share.

      Portlets are currently known by their portlet-ref in the portlet-instances.xml file and they are put into the database by prefixing it with the context root "/xxx.myPortletRef" or ".local/xxx.myPortletRef"

      The only reason I like to reference an "external" portlet is because I have to split my portal into smaller pieces otherwise the transaction time out when starting jboss - portlet-instances.xml is too large. So I created several smaller portals and I get polluted with multiple declarations of the "same" portlets.

      *-objects.xml could be split into multiple files within the same portlet but unfortunately there is only one portlet-instances.xml and the transaction time out - changing the transaction time out value is not a viable solution.

      It is a small issue but will it be taken into account one way or the other (external portlets or multiple instances.xml files)?