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    WSRP and managed transactions

    fpa1974 Newbie

      This is for version 2.6.2 of the portal.

      I have a question regarding managed transactions. We have developed a portlet that is using hibernate and it is managing its own transactions. If this is deployed and viewed locally on a JBoss portal instance everything works ok.

      Now the problem. When this portlet is deployed on a JBoss portal and exposed through WSRP to another JBoss portal instance there is an error message that comes out mentioning and you cannot call commit in a managed transaction. Something tells me that the WSRP request is processed within a managed transaction and that propagates to the portlet. Is it possible to disable that so portlets that manage their own transactions run properly?

      This is the SQLException:
      java.sql.SQLException: You cannot commit during a managed transaction!

      If necessary I can put the whole stack trace in here.