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    Connection with JBossPortal from a remote host

    Badock Style Newbie

      Hi all,
      I have a VERY basic question...
      I have a JBossPortal 2.6.2 running on a machine, and i can connect to it through a webbrowser on port 8080 fine when i use it locally (localhost:8080)...
      BUT, when i try to connect from another remote machine, it doesn't work... and it's no firewall problem, it seems that the jbossportal is not listening on port 8080...
      I can solve that by typing ./run.sh -b to bind the adress but i'd like to do it permanantly...

      how can i solve this very basic problem ?

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          santy byron Newbie

          The -b option is the only right way to bind the server network address.
          But i've another question:
          If i set the -b i can reach the server on network but i can't do it on internet.
          To explain:
          - i set the router to map the local address :8080 to a public address
          - i can reach the jboss portal page on internet
          - but when i try to do the login, the login module try to call the PRIVATE address of the server and not the public......WHY??????
          Where my configuration fails?