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    How change <Title> on each Node to WAI

    gdfgfdg gfdgfd Newbie


      New in jbossportal, i don't find how change the

      on each 'page' of the portal.
      My problem is, the portal must be WAI accessibility, bronze french level, and one directive is : the title must be unique on each page.
      So, i have created a layout.
      In this layout i have
      <title><%= PortalConstants.VERSION.toString() %></title>
      I have put he code :
      <title><%= ""+(PortalNode)request.getAttribute("org.jboss.portal.api.PORTAL_NODE") %></title>

      But it does'nt work : the attribute is null. Why ? In the file header.jsp, this code retrieve the correct info, but in this jsp (index.jsp in /layout) it does n't work.

      Anyone knows ?