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    Encrypted LDAP admin passwords

    Jeremiah Lopez Newbie

      I have recently installed JBoss Portal Server version 2.6.2 (Portal Server + JBoss AS) binary version into my environment. I am running Mandriva 2007 Spring with the 2.6.17-14mdvlegacy kernel. In addition, I have installed OpenLDAP version 2.3.38 for the purposes of user authentication. The JBoss portal authenticates users just fine, but I have a couple of questions.

      Question 1
      Once the user is authenticated they main page they are brought to has the following text in the main window:

      Access Denied
      You are not allowed to access the following resource - /default/index.html

      Is there some additional configuration on the server side to allow for users in the LDAP database to be able to access certain pages? Do I need to setup particular groups in my schema and make sure those users are in those groups? Where can I find some documentation that describes the steps necessary for setting up LDAP authentication through the JBoss Portal? I initially setup the authentication with the steps in the following tutorial, but they are more geared towards someone who is building the portal server from source, not one who is running this off the binary version.


      Question 2
      How does one encrypt the LDAP administrator password in the XML configuration files? I can get the portal correctly authenticating if I put the plain-text password in the ldap-identity-config.xml file, but it blows up if I try and put my encrypted password in there. Any ideas how to get around that issue?

      Thanks in advance,