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    Customized top-level portal page

    Mihai Poplacenel Newbie

      I would like to deploy JBoss Portal such that the top-level page is structured like this:

      TOP-BANNER (logo, search box etc.)
      LEFT COLUMN *** | Free-form
      (FIXED - e.g. ** | User Portlets
       Navigation **** | Area
       Portlet) ****** |
      **** Copyright Notice ****

      (See the attachment for a better "picture")

      A typical user would be allowed to freely manipulate the center-right area of the page, such as to add [non-admin] portlets, close the existing ones, minimize/maximize them etc., but unable to change anything on the center-left, top or bottom areas (except from typing into whatever text boxes and clicking onto whatever buttons or links are included, of course). The top area would contain, for instance, a logo, the bread-crumbs and a search box, the center-left - a Navigation Portlet, a sign-in portlet etc., while the bottom would contain a copyright notice, "about us" etc.

      Moreover, I would like to only have this layout available to the user, rather than the portal/dashboard choice. The user should never "escape" from that confined center-right area, no matter what (incl. the configuration activities).

      Any ideas how I could do this? Thank you and all suggestions will be appreciated.