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    Force certain portlets/pages to dashboard

    I M Newbie

      I'm currently evaluating jbossportal, and I can't seem to find a compromise between user selected portlets (dashboard) and predefined portlets (portal). What I'd like is that the user has four predefined tabs/pages, all of which have one or two must-have portlets and an option for the end-user to add more portlets to a page from a list.

      I guess I could settle with forcing the end-user to have certain portlets, but in places she could choose herself with drag&drop.

      Having a separate dashboard and portal is just too confusing for our users :D

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          Thomas Heute Master

          As of now the dashboard and "admin defined" pages are separated.

          But i agree that we should have a mechanism to mix both. First we (as you and others and myself) should define exactly how this should be defined though, use cases are multiple in that field and we need to come up with a solution that satisfy most of them if not all.

          If you want to start a draft on the Wiki feel free to go ahead.