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    Portlet name ad the 'page layout' page

    I M Newbie

      I tried to search for this, but couldn't find anything.

      I just created a portlet and deployed it copying the file to the deploy directory. I created an instance of it okay, but when I try to add the instance to a page it gets silly:

      Say I'm modifying the portals > default portal > Weather page - Layout. At the left side of screen (content definition) I have my portlet, let's call it MyPortlet. I select it and click "add" under "page layout". What I get is a number between 0-100 being added to the the list, where other portlets are called for example "WeatherPortletWindow".

      I want my portlet to have a funky name like that.

      I tried to poke around the weather portlet sources and could find a default-object.xml with a <window-name>-tag. I tried to read the documentation at http://docs.jboss.com/jbportal/v2.6.2/referenceGuide/html/xmldescriptors.html (It's pretty hard-to-read, by the way) and (mis?)understood that this default-object.xml automatically deploys the portlet somewhere or something... This isn't what I want.

      I tried to use the weather portlet's default.xml as a model, but it was somehow tied to portlet-instance names, etc. Couldn't figure it out.

      I'm using 2.6.2-GA if that matters.