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    JSF ExternalContext.redirect(url)

    Ivan Rododendro Newbie

      I'm developing a JSF portlet application on JBP 2.6.1, AS 4.2.1. I need to redirect navigation from a JSF portlet to another one, before this a portlet session attribute must be set, so I can't user a direct link to the portlet URL.

      Based on JSF 1.2 documentation i tried:

      FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
      but I got the following error:

      6:08:05,746 ERROR [STDERR] 20-nov-2007 16.08.05 com.sun.faces.portlet.FacesPortlet processAction
      INFO: PS_CSFP0017:sendRedirect called Portlet mode cannot be set after redirect
      what is wrong?