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    Need help with debugging

    roth Newbie


      I am trying to debug a problem that shows up when using ldap with an admin role that is not called 'admin' but something else originating from my ldap (I basically did what is described here: http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=GiveAdminPrivileges.

      Everything except the listing of available portlets in the page layout admin page works.

      Basically, the jbp:portlet tag in the following section (editPageLayout.xhml from core-admin) stays completely empty when the page is rendered:

       <td colspan="2">
       Select content that will be added to the page:
       <td colspan="2" valign="top">
       onClick="url.setParameter('windowName', document.getElementById('windowForm:windowName').value);"/>

      And now I am stuck. What's to check next? Can an experienced portal developer point me in the right direction?


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          Boleslaw Dawidowicz Master


          I will try to look at this issue next week. Meanwhile I fixed a bug related to permission check - don't know if its related but could you try with the latest JBoss_Portal_Branch_2_6 sources?

          Could you fill the jira issue and describe the exact setup to reproduce this?

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            roth Newbie

            Hey Boleslaw,

            While I was trying to come up with the shortest possible list of steps to reproduce this, I found out that this has nothing at all to do with ldap. Here is what to do to see the effect:

            1) build JBoss_Portal_Branch_2_6, deploy the portal, identity and admin
            2) log in as admin
            3) create a new role called newadminrole
            4) create a new user called newadmin, add him _only_ to the newadminrole (no other roles)
            5) give access to the admin portal to newadmin
            6) give acess to the adminportlet instance to newadmin
            7) log out, log in as newadmin
            8) go to the 'page layout' page of the default page
            9) verify that no portlet instances are listed

            Some notes:
            - if you log in as admin, the portlet instances are listed
            - if you install cms or google widgets, lists of files appear for those

            Now, before I create a jira issue. Is this a bug, or did I simply forget to set some permissions?

            Thanks a lot,

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              roth Newbie

              I created JBPORTAL-1814, it's unassigned so far.