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    Preferences localization

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      I don't manage to localize portlet preferences.

      I've set resource-bundle and supported-locale in portlet.xml but in administration page, I see : LocalizedString[value='xxx',defaultLocale=en].

      Besides, bundles are defined in french and english, administrator is configured with french locale and I don't understand why default locale should be english...

      Note that both bundles are correctly loaded since I see LocalizeString objects when debugging ContainerPreferencesInfo.

      portlet.xml :

       <value>some value</value>
       <title/> <!-- Dynamically generated -->

      WEB-INF/classes/i18n/PortletMessages_en.properties (same for _fr) :
      javax.portlet.preference.name.xxx = Some name
      javax.portlet.preference.description.xxx = Some description