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    IPC - unable to get example to work

    John Gerevich Newbie

      1. System
      Win2000 (or XP)
      JAVA_HOME points to JDK 1.5

      2. JBOSS:
      downloaded and unzipped:

      3. The IPC example is from:

      4. running jboss with run.bat -

      5. deployed (unmodified) helloworldipcportlet.sar into an unmodified server/default/deploy dir under JBOSS_HOME

      6. The IPC tab appeared on my default portal

      8. The HelloWorldPortletA on the IPC page was empty

      9. Looking into the server log I saw that HelloWorldPortletA doView() throws a NullPointer

      10. After modifing the HelloWorldPortletA.java code to write everthing it does immediately:

      protected void doView(JBossRenderRequest req, JBossRenderResponse resp) throws IOException, PortletException
       StringBuffer html = new StringBuffer();
       resp.getWriter().write("strinbuff created");
       // link to a page
       html.append("<-- Page Linking --><br/>");
       PortalNode thisNode = req.getPortalNode().getParent(); // will return this Page as a node.
       resp.getWriter().write("parent got: "+thisNode);
       PortalNode linkToNode = thisNode.resolve("../default");
       resp.getWriter().write("linktonode resolved: "+linkToNode);

      I observed that linkToNode is null.

      What can I do to make the example work?

      (I need IPC, is there any other way?)

      Thank you,