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    GWT on Jboss Portal 4.2.1

    Miguel Ping Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm having the strangest problem. I'm using GWT and myGWT .4 to buid some nifty ajax portlets. myGWT has a widget called 'shell' which acts like a popup window. When I add a shell to my portlet, the header of the shell expands to full page width, and the body doesn't size accordingly.

      If you are thinking this is a bug in myGWT lib, I can advance that it's not. This only happens in firefox. IE renders okay. If I deploy to another portlet container, it also renders ok in all browsers. I checked the js/css for my portlet, and I came to the conclusion that jboss portal must have some firefox specific css/js that's messing up the 'shell' widget.

      You can check the normal myGWT behaviour in http://mygwt.net/demo/index.html

      Here's a screenshot:

      Thanks in advance.