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    Building datasource

    saurav sarkar Newbie

      Hi All,

      acc to the reference manual have been trying to setup the database.
      gave a build datasource from the command line and getting errors for
      no file found /thirdparty/libraries.ent

      which it takes from the build.xml given below.

      <!DOCTYPE project [
       <!ENTITY libraries SYSTEM "../thirdparty/libraries.ent">
       <!ENTITY buildmagic SYSTEM "../tools/etc/buildfragments/buildmagic.ent">
       <!ENTITY tools SYSTEM "../tools/etc/buildfragments/tools.ent">
       <!ENTITY modules SYSTEM "../tools/etc/buildfragments/modules.ent">
       <!ENTITY defaults SYSTEM "../tools/etc/buildfragments/defaults.ent">
       <!ENTITY targets SYSTEM "../tools/etc/buildfragments/targets.ent">

      i can see the folder called thirdparty is not there.
      Can anyone please help me to resolve the issue.