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    Modifying default dashboard

    Jason Moore Newbie


      I'd like to know how, or if it's possible, to set a default dashboard state based on a user's role.

      What I need to be able to do is set the theme, layout and default portlets for a user's dashboard depending on their role. I also need to restrict actions that can be performed on specific portlets, again depending on the users role. For each role there will be a set of default portlets that cannot be removed from the page, as well as a set of portlets that can be optionally added and removed.

      I expected to be able to be able to achieve this using a descriptor file (-object.xml) to define the properties and layout in the same way as you would for a portal deployment descriptor, however I have not been able to find any examples.

      I have already searched the forums and documentation, however if anyone could point me towards something I've missed, or another working example, then that would be much appreciated.