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    Error Message Display: icon in place of summary/detail

    Luca Borzani Newbie

      I would like to display an error icon close to the form fields that could cause
      validation errors. Only the icon should be displayed and the detail portion of the error message should be displayed as a tooltip.

      i set the properties of the message component as follows:
      showSummary=false (i even deleted the summary portion in the error message)

      I was thinking that showDetail + tooltip would allow me to display error in tooltip only [the icon is displayed using errorClass and an image as background], but what happens is that if the summary portion of the message is not visible the detail portion will be displayed instead. I understande that i said to the component to display it (showDetail=true) but i also asked to display it in a tooltip (tooltip=true). How can i achieve the desired behaviour? I don't like obstructive error messages