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    Page security not working in 2.6.2GA?

    Jon Whitmore Newbie


      I'm working with jboss-portal-2.6.2.GA-bundled on Windows. I have unzipped and started the server. I haven't changed a single config file.

      When I try to apply page level security constraints through the Admin portlet, I don't see any difference in behavior. I have restricted the weather page to only allow Admin users to view, viewrecursive, personalize, and personalizerecursive, yet when I try to view that portlet as a user who has not logged in, I can still see the page and the portlet.

      When I apply the same settings to the portlet instance, I immediately see the results I am expecting: the page opens but the weather portlet is absent.

      Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong? I've been through the manual and the reference but I don't see my mistake. I really want to be able to restrict access to a page and send people to the default homepage when they try to access that page.