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    dashboard portlet xml descriptor deployment

    ar fee Newbie

      Dear All,

      I'm new to jboss portal, I was wondering is that possible to deploy portlet to the dashboard using the *-object.xml in my portlet app instead of define it in the <portal_home>\server\default\deploy\jboss-portal.sar\conf\data\default-object.xml. I've tried to define it in my portlet app's *-object.xml but it seems not working. It only shows the portlet in the default portal instead of the dashboard by using the following setting,



      Since I didn't modify any default dashboard config, so it will be using template.default (I assume I'm right...).

      Also, is that possible to define a portlet into 2 different portal page using *-object.xml instead of doing it in the admin portlet.
      Any Ideas??

      Thanks in advance.