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    partial refresh for portlets (server-side implications)

    Angel Todorov Newbie


      I have been reading about the Partial Refresh support in the JBoss forum. I had a very nasty problem with the WebSphere Portal in that whatever kind of AJAX you use with JSF components, all other portlets on the page are re-rendered again. It looks like for that Portal, the only way to have "real" ajax , and avoid the server-side overhead, is to point the XMLHttpRequests to an external servlet that will serve them. But IMO that's really a hack and not a clean solution at all, because it breaks the whole idea of a "Portal".

      I have seen that JBoss has the feature "partial refresh". Here is my question:

      If i have my own JSF AJAX framework (with custom render-response phase listener for instance) , and I do a XMLHttpRequest to the portal, will it automatically render() all of the other portlets on the page ? If yes, is there any configuration parameter that I can use to avoid that and to render only the portlet that caused the Action Request ? Will the "partial refresh" property work fine , even though I am not using the ajax4jsf portal support?

      Thanks very much for your feedback.