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    Clustered SSO

    gressho Newbie


      I'm trying to install a clustered version of JBossPortal 2.6.2 on top on JBoss 4.2.1 on two
      different nodes.
      Following the documentation I managed to cluster JBoss with no difficulties using
      TCP instead of UDP. So far I didn't install clustering for JMS and stay using HSQL
      I installed jboss-portal-ha.sar in the jboss/server/all/deploy directory and created
      a central Oracle scheme for the PortalDS.
      Then I installed the load balancing, but instead of using mod_jk I used mod_proxy
      and mod_proxy_balancer, following the samples in the apache docs (also setting
      The problem is: when I try to log in I allways get an HTTP code 400 returned, the
      second try will work properly. When I'm logged in I can shutdown any of the
      nodes and all stays working fine.

      Is there anyone having similar problems? Is there a problem with mod_proxy(_balancer)?
      Any help will be greatly appreciated.