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    set property/preference for a portlet instance according to

    je le Newbie


      Using the preference system i can pass specific values to a portlet instance at runtime.
      I'm going to need the same portlet, on different pages, and with dif preferences values. The only solution I found is to create an instance each time...

      I would like to use the same instance :I see a property system, sound great except i can read them !

      i go to "my site"->"my page"->properties for the prortlet, create a new one (beside "Region order"), let call it "ValA"

      with :
      u = request.getPropertyNames();
      while (u.hasMoreElements()) {
      String a = (String) u.nextElement();
      writer.println("prop : " + a + "");

      I'm getting :

      prop : x-forwarded-for
      prop : x-forwarded-host
      prop : accept-encoding
      prop : connection
      prop : accept-charset
      prop : pragma
      prop : cookie
      prop : x-forwarded-server
      prop : cache-control
      prop : host
      prop : accept-language
      prop : user-agent
      prop : accept
      prop : max-forwards

      Not what i'm expecting !!

      So is it possible to use the property system to interact with a portlet or is it just for jbossportal ???