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    Configuring drag and drop on a per region basis

    Jason Moore Newbie


      I've seen questions similar to mine already posted, but I don't think anyone has asked this question specifically: Can I enable/disable DnD at the region level for a given layout?

      For example, I want to inject portlets A and B into region one. I want to disable DnD on region one so that other portlets may NOT be dragged into it, and portlets A and B may NOT be dragged out of it. However I also have regions 2 and 3 which contain portlets C and D respectively, and I would like to be able to drag these portlets between these two regions.

      Is this supported? Or do you recommend a different approach for the fixed region where it's content is not in a fact a portlet, but just some kind of simple markup fragment?

      I'm using the bundled distribution of JBoss Portal 2.6.2. Any suggestions would be appreciated.