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    Does JBossPortal support mix of JSF/MyFaces/Facelets with JS

    Wojciech Ciesielski Newbie

      Hi all,

      as in the subject: does JBoss Portal (2.6.2) support mix of JSF/MyFaces/Facelets with JSPXs as templating files?

      I am trying to deploy application built with such mix (it was developed in Tomcat-based environment) as a portlet in JBoss Portal. I've added necessary descriptors (porlet, instance, object) and inserted portlet into server/default/deploy folder. In portal administration panel it appeared properly and I've added instance of this new portlet to a page.

      Unfortunately I'm getting only empty portlet box with title and nothing inside... What's worse - there is NOTHING in logs - no errors, no warnings even. So I'm clueless and helpless here...