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    Portal 2.6.2 with CAS on different Server

    Arne Luedtke Newbie

      Hy There,

      I am running a JBoss 4.2.1 environment with Portal 2.6.2 deployed. I am using CAS Authentication, which works fine.

      Now I tried to move the CAS Webserver to another JBoss Server on a differnet machine. I changed the settings in the context.xml file in the portal-server.war folder. When I try to log in, I am redirected to the CAS Login Page. Login works, but the redirect to the portal not. I get the known "unable to validate certificate" Exception.

      I think I just have to Install some certificate on my machine or whatever. The point is, i am not very firm with all this ssl stuff, and everithing I read about it was written very confusing.

      Thanks for any help provided.

      Greetings Soon5

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          Sohil Shah Master


          The current Portal integration with CAS server uses an MBean based approach for integrating the services.

          Hence, at this point, you will need to run the CAS server on the same JBoss server.

          This will be enhanced in the future to use a web service approach so that location of the services don't matter.

          I am assuming your integration works fine when running inside the same JBoss server?


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            Arne Luedtke Newbie


            You are right. When I am running Portal and CAS-Webserver on same JBoss everything is fine. Now I have tried to run Portal clustered. So I set up a second JBoss server and configured both Portal deployments to run in cluster (in fact i downloaded the ha version ;-) ).

            One of the JBoss runs the CAS-Webserver. I got the Problem when I tried to get the second Portal to use the CAS-Webserver on the first JBoss (how confusing, but I think you got what I mean).

            I will look forward to that upgrade you mentioned.

            Greetings Soon5