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    Automatically log someone in.

    Badock Style Newbie

      Hi, still on my SS0+Apache+Kerberos+JBossPortal problem.

      OK, so let's hear what's my plan :
      First of all, i have JBossPortal running behind an Apache.
      That Apache authenticates users with Kerberos, and can store the login in the variable REMOTE_USER that is handed to JBoss.
      Now, for identification, I use a LDAP and the jbossportal html form.
      By modifying the login.jsp file, i can already fill the form with the login :

      <input text="text" name="j_username" value="<% out.print(request.getAttribute("REMOTE_USER")); %>" />

      And i also fill in the password with a value that is the same for every user in the LDAP (no need to have different passwords, the authentication has been done with Kerberos).

      Now i'd like the form to Submit itself, so the user doesn't have to click nor can he get the oportunity to change the j_username variable.

      Do you have any idea how can i do that ? For instance with a javascript maybe ?
      Or can i use the
      response.sendRedirect(request.getContextxPath() + "/some/path/");

      Thanks in advance.