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    reset render parameters on  page selection (JBoss Portal 2.4

    Anette Engel Newbie

      Is it possible to "reset" the render parameter for all portlets on a page or the entire portal? And how could I achieve this?

      I am using the JBoss Portal 2.4 and there are two occasions where I would like to present the default view of a page to a user (i.e. the view he sees when visiting the page for the first time).
      - every time the users visits a page (currently if a user revists a page he is presented with the previous selections made in each portlet)
      - users can work in a realm/context. A user can change his context at any time in which case all portlets in the portal should be reset to the default view.

      I basically want to remove the render parameters for all portlets in the portal when the user either selects a new page or changes the context. However I am not sure how to do this.