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    Retrieving credentials from session for single-sign-on.

    David Paterson Newbie

      I have a simple portlet which I use to post to another web application in a new browser window.

      The portal username and password are posted to the other application providing single-sign-on into the other web application.

      I have this working in another portal vendor but now I need to integrate into JBOSS Portal. Are there API hooks in JBOSS Portal 2.6 where this information can be retrieved?

      I have an interface CredentialProvider which has three methods:

      public String getUsername() throws Exception;
       public String getPassword() throws Exception;
       public void createContext(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response, PortletContext pContext)throws Exception;

      What I need to do is implement a JBOSS Portal specific implementation of this interface which my portlet will then instantiate via reflection.

      Could anyone point me in the right direction?