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    Wicket Portlet vs Jboss Portals AJAX support

    Zsolt Süli Newbie


      I have been trying to make Wicket (1.3.0) work with Jboss Portal (Jboss AS 4.2.2 and Portal 2.6.1. or 2.6.3.) for 2 weeks. Everything is ok, except AJAX calling. (This portlet works like charm on Jetspeed2, so the wicket portlet should be OK.)

      So let's see what we know...

      Ajax Request reaches the server, and it gives me a respond too. The problem is, that the respond doesn't contain an <ajax-response> element, as this error says (from the WICKET AJAX DEBUG window)
      ERROR: Error while parsing response: Could not find root <ajax-response> element
      INFO: Invoking post-call handler(s)...

      WicketAjaxGet JS functions has this String as first parameter:
      I debugged JbossPortal, and I saw that the HttpServletRequest has a _wuview parameter, but it doesn't appear in the generated PortletRequest (as a parameter). (If I call that URL directly from the browser, it generates an <ajax-response> element and the _wuview parameter still exists in the PortletRequest.) So my RequestTarget will be BookmarkablePageRequestTarget@633854232 pageClass=wicket.test.HomePage, not org.apache.wicket.request.target.component.listener.BehaviorRequestTarget.

      Does anybody has any luck with Wicket + Jboss Portal? What am I doing wrong?
      Any help would be appreciated! Thx in advance!