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    The first build failed in a non-internet PC but libraries ar

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      Apache Ant
      As we know,when build deploy Jboss-Portal at the first time ,it need connet to internet, the PC1 can connect to internet,and down all the libraries in "thirdparty" folder, everything is ok,build success. The problem is, the programm is shared in a non-internet lan according to SVN-server, when deploy-all excuted in other PC, it shows that need connect internet to check the libraries in folder "thirdparty", then build failed and exit... How can we pass the first deploy-all in a non-internet PC like this case? Thanks for your reply!
      Tanks for anyone can help me. Email: iamsingfly@163.com

      The key code in the build file is as follows:

      [PORTAL_HOME]\tools\etc\jbossbuild\tasks.xml :

      <!-- If the component exists we just do a cvs update -->
      <!-- If the component doesn't exist and we want to
      get the source build check it out from cvs
      <!-- The component already exists do a cvs update
      and run the after synchronization-->