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    Themes - Region interceptor override

    Luc Boudreau Newbie

      Hi, I'm developing a theme/layout for JBoss portal 2.6.2 and my objective is to change the HTML code generated for the tab navigation. Instead of ULs, I want simple As. But there is a catche... I want to change the associated JSP for my custom themes only. I don't want to change it for all themes, since this would break the other themes that come with JBoss portal.

      I don't want my theme to have any impact whatsoever on the default theme because I want to keep the Admin portal isolated in it's own theme. This way, If i break something, I can always go back. Also, this gives me much more flexibility.

      What are my options ?

      - Use a different RenderSet ? (would that even work ?)
      - Override the MBean where JSPs are defined with a custom subclass ? (this is too complicated for nothing, let's keep it simple.)

      The way I understood, the MBean is an interceptor which gets called when we call the taglib for region render and it overrides the output by code from the JSP.

      One solution I thought of is this. Use a different tag for navigation generation. In order to do this, I need to find hot to access PortalAuthorizationManagerFactory from a JSP or taglib. Any insights ?

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          pmn92 Novice

          This is only my opinion and I hope the portal team provides you with the specific response you are expecting.

          You are pointing at the weakness of the theme/layout architecture in 2.6, there is layout architecture is not honorable enough to support sufficient flexibility.

          YUI team is working on a version a layout and I cross the portal team will get inspired - they missed their "grid" that was already much more advanced that what is in here. Again it is only my words...