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    rich:pickList trouble with seam

    Emil Iakoupov Newbie

      Hello people,
      i try to display the following:

      <s:decorate id="matchSkillsDecorate" template="display.xhtml">
       <ui:define name="label">Skills:</ui:define>
       <rich:pickList id="pickedSkills"
       value="#{userRegistration.pickedSkills}" style="width; auto">
       <s:selectItems id="skills" value="#{skills}" var="_skill"

      When i submit the form (through h:commandButton) pickedSkills property (List) gets set with an empty ArrayList. userRegistration is a stateful bean under default scope. #{skills} is also a List already populated (i can see skillDescription on the pick list and can move items from box to box). Does anyone have any idea why such weird behavior? I gues i did something stupid but i can't yet figure out what. Is it the scope, the component tree?

      I am using seam 2.1 cr1 on jboss 4.2.3ga and rich faces 3.2.2.BEAT4

      Absolutely any suggestions will be useful to me. Thank you very much.