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    JSR-301 PortletBridge: PortletPrefs / ServletRequest on Ajax

    Phil Eberle Newbie


      I want to reRender Bean properties that are under the hood stored in the PortletPreferences. Ajax requests however seem to be using ServletRequests only. Is there a way to tell a4j to use PortletRequests instead or to obtain a reference to the PortletPreferences from the ServletRequest? Or shouldn't I be using the PortletPreferences anyway?

      Here's my situation: I have a Portlet with a table and a chart. In the table, I list values that can be drawn in the chart, along with a checkbox (h:selectBooleanCheckbox + a4j:support). If the checkbox is set, the value is drawn in the chart. To keep this a portlet specific setting, the backing bean is using the Portlet Preferences to store this information.

      Using a h:commandButton, everything works as expected. Using a4j functionality however, I don't have access to the PortletPreferences (event="onclick", reRender="chart").

      Right now, I am using RichFaces 3.1.3 on JBP 2.6.3.