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    rich:pickList value in Map?

    nimo stephan Master


      I have a pickList which works correctly
      and saves the itemValue "hello" in my ArrayList:

      <rich:pickList value="#{myBean.selectedValues}">
      <f:selectItem itemValue="hello" itemLabel="hello"/>
      //selectedValue is a ArrayList:
      private List<String> selectedValues;
      // getter/setter

      But now, I want to store the selected Value in a Map:

      <rich:pickList value="#{myBean.selectedValues[key]}">
      <f:selectItem itemValue="hello" itemLabel="hello"/>
      //selectedValue is a Map:
      private Map<String, String> selectedValues;
      // getter/setter

      But the pickList stores anything false:

      Instead of having this in my Map:


      the pickList returns this:


      What is wrong? I have also tried it with this without success:
      private Map<String, SelectItem> selectedValues;

      Can anybody tell what I made wrong ?