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    portalNode from portlet or layout ?????

    je le Newbie

      jboosportal api look great except i don't see how to use it outside...jbossportal core. So right now : pointless.

      A simple exemple : How to acces the portal page tree !?? (and thanks, not by editing jboss-service.xml or tabs.jsp)

      I have nothing against building some new mbean but a little help/doc/tutorial would be nice :-)


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          Thomas Heute Master

          Read the reference guide, check source code of the navigation portlet... There is everything you need

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            Burkhard Vogt Newbie

            Yes, I can confirm what Thomas said.

            In portal 2.4 we started that way by creating a portlet providing different views of the navigation tree (primary and secondary navigation, different types of overviews and a sitemap).

            In portal 2.6 we switched to a custom pageCustomizer to get/enhance (with custom data like a description for an entry) and render the navigation information.

            Generalizing that topic has lead us to the ability of dynamically inserting navigation entries from external application (xml schema based) into a predefined entry point within the navigation.

            That means, the current api is flexible enough to fit your needs and, if not, you can extend it in your own application