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    minimum portal

    William Newbie

      I'm having a bit of a problem just finding the exact minimum that I'd need to deploy a portal, a single tabbed page.

      I downloaded the portal w/ the AS, and there are a large number of dirs/webapps w/ all the same files and I'd like to be able to just grab a single war or sar or whichever I need and place that in my AS and start from there so that I can better understand everything as I build it up instead of this giant tree of many war/sar's, core's/jboss-cores, etc.... and really not know what all is there.

      Is there a minimum that someone can easily point out?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          To get a basic, one page portal, you need to modify the *-object files that define the portal. See http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=121025 for some hints.

          To reduce the size of the portal, you could remove things you do not need. You need these directories:


          I know you can remove:


          You might also be able to remove the rest of the *.sar and *.war direcotries.

          Make sure you start with a clean database each time you remove a directory (and each time you put a directory back in because there were errors on startup).

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            Prabhat Jha Master

            You can also remove portal-wsrp.sar if you do not need WSRP stuff.

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              Prabhat Jha Master

              If you are using the latest portal version, 2.6.3 and onwards then samples is not a part of jboss-portal.sar.

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                Peter Johnson Master

                You scared me, Prabhat. I thought I might have mislabelled my portal download, but I grabbed 2.6.3 again and it does have the jboss-portla.sar/samples directory. Perhaps you mean that in the future it will not be there?

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                  Prabhat Jha Master

                  Peter, thanks for correcting me and I did not mean to scare. :-)

                  I probably was thinking about samples directory in the bundled distro. When you unzip normal or bundled distro, there is samples folder along with setup. But I see that samples is inside jboss-portal.sar as well. Hence the confusion.

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                    Thomas Heute Master

                    There are some description of some modules here:

                    Basically "minimum" depends on your needs.

                    There are the services and the webapps. Of course the webapps depend on the services.

                    You don't want the CMS webapps ? remove portal-cms.war, you don't even want the CMS service ? remove portal-cms.sar

                    You don't want the admin portlet ? remove portal-admin.sar (unfortunately the dashboard depends on it)

                    You don't want the Google widget support ? remove portal-widget.war

                    You don't want the Netvibes widget support ? remove portal-widget-netvibes.war

                    You don't want the identity portlets ? rewmove portal-identity.sar