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    Multiple portals

    Juan Carlos Huaman Grados Newbie

      Hello everybody, the truth that I am very new to me and good java and seen in the nesecidad watch jboss Potal.

      I wonder if you can create multiple portals from which I can access them from my homepage.

      What we want is to create a menu on the left side with a list of all potential customers and the company may have to click on each one of them go to their website

      This portal will be completely independent of the homepage will have their own Fortune cabezeras, menus, css, any different from the other sites they may have.

      This would be the main portal page default.html.

      Cabezera (Logo de la empresa principal)

      Empresa Cliente 1
      Empresa Cliente 2
      Empresa Cliente 3



      It is possible to do this with jboss portal?
      Thank any help