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    Please Help!!

    Anees Fatima Newbie

      im very new to portal. Currently Im trying to work with jboss portal 2.6.3 GA. Im using Sun Studio for creating portlets and so far i have successfully deployed my sample code to Jboss portal from sun studio. But I could not figure out how to display the portlets(window-state, accessing windowId etc) in the portal page. could anyone suggest online tutorial that can help me out.
      Thank you

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Have you read the JBoss Portal documentation? Look for in those docs for portlet-instances.xml and *-object.xml.

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            Anees Fatima Newbie

            Thank you for your reply!!

            Actually My portal home page has multiple portlet windows. When I click any link or submit any form in any one of portlet windows of the portal page. I could see the resulted page in the same portlet window. But I want resulted page to be displayed on entire portal page but not in the same portlet window.

            Could you please let me know how can I handle this!

            Thanks in advance!