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    Undeploy portlet application

    Piotr Baraniak Newbie

      I have problem with completly undeployment of portlet page from server.

      I had deploy mine portlets on new page in default portal. It works well, redeploying WAR works well too until i changed name of it.
      When I changed name of WAR there were two WARs on server, which rendered the same page so of course there was conflict. Next I removed old WAR. JBoss reacted in some way: it started to show an empty page and restarting server or removing and putting WAR with new name didn't help (with old name it works as before name changing).

      So mine question is: where jBoss keeps informations about default portal and about default and new pages in it?

      Of course other sollutions of mine problem will be also welcome (I really need to rename this WAR).

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          Peter Johnson Master

          The portal layout information is stored in a database. If you downloaded and are using the portal+jbossas bundle, the database is Hypersonic.

          You can use the Management Portlet (log in as admin and go to the admin portal) to remove the older portlet, instance and window.

          Or you can wipe out the database (if you are using Hypersonic) by removing the server/xxx/data directory.

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            Piotr Baraniak Newbie

            I realized that management from admin portal is not enough. It was good to remove unused pages, but when I removed page of mine application and put again WAR with new name empty page occured.

            Second solution was better. After wipping database I can do what I wanted. There of course are side-effects: some jBoss errors on console, but pages are shown.