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    client side API for <rich:tree>

    Igor Dikhtyaruk Newbie

      Hi All,

      is there any client side API functions for <rich:tree>, same like for modal panel you can use:


      or for calendar:

      What I want is to have something like (at least):

      so it will un-select whatever was selected.


      And the best thing would be:

      If it's not possible, is there any plans to implement it?

      Thank you,

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          Anders Norgaard Newbie

          Does it have to be client side?

          For me the combination of AJAX tree and server side stateAdvisor works great

          <rich:tree value="#{cpemanager.propertiesTree()}" var="item" nodeFace="#{item.type()}" id="conftree" stateAdvisor="#{treestateadvisor}" changeExpandListener="#{treestateadvisor.processExpansion()}">


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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            public JS API requests present in jira but not availble for now. vote in jira on at wiki requests page.

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              Igor Dikhtyaruk Newbie

              Hi biehl,

              yes, I know you can use AJAX re-rendering of a tree, but we have a massive form and a menu tree, so it takes 4-5 seconds to re-render the tree (even with ajaxsingle="true", limitToList="true" and immediate="true").
              We have navigation links outside of the menu tree, if a user clicks on that link it should expand and select the appropriate menu item in the menu.
              The most effective way to do this is via JS IMHO.
              Currently I use jsFunction for that (tried to make it asynchronous):

              <a:jsFunction name="setSelectedMenuItem" eventsQueue="myAjaxQueue" ignoreDupResponses="true" ajaxSingle="true" limitToList="true" immediate="true" reRender="treeMenu">
               <a:actionparam name="panelId" assignTo="#{treeStateAdvisor.selectedPanelId}" />

              And in the outside link:
              <a:commandLink value="#{node.label}" onclick="javascript:setSelectedMenuItem('#{node.panelId}');return false;"/>

              Thanks, Ilya, I will vote for that.

              Thanks, guys,