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    Bruce Springfield Apprentice

      Is there support in JBoss Portal for tracking user preferences and navigation selections to display content based on user selections and preferences?

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          Thomas Heute Master

          It's part of the JSR 168 spec

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            Bruce Springfield Apprentice

            thank you for the suggestion. I have gone through the spec. very nice! type of document to read through multiple times.

            The document mentions personalization in the beginning. "A portal is a web based application that . . . provides personalization," "A portal may have sophisticated personalization features to provide customized content to users . . . " And I guess since a user can save various portlet settings and select what portlets they have on their portlet page, this is a form of personalization.

            What I was interested in more specifically and which the spec did not address (or at least I could not find it) was tracking user navigation, or as Sun describes it UBT - User Behavior Tracking. I was wondering if there was any type of built-in UBT support in JBoss Portal as there is in Sun Java Portal Server 7?

            Or are there any portlet libraries to support this? Or would we have to wrap our own solution?

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              Thomas Heute Master

              No we don't have such things.
              Of course you can plug that in with solutions such as Google analytics or "Demand generation" tools.

              I'm not sure what UBT does so it's hard to tell if that would fit your case.

              Otherwise you can use interceptors to track the activities of the users, but gathering all that info in usable data might be a tough job. If you achieve that, we will be glad to add it to the codebase as an optional component ;)