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    Order of nodes in recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor

    Alexey Shakov Newbie

      Hi *,

      I use following snippet from livedemo page to reproduce the
      structure of directories and files (recursive):

      <rich:recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor id="dir" var="dir"
       roots="#{project.dirs}" nodes="#{dir.directories}">
       <h:commandLink action="#{dir.click}" value="Directory: #{dir.name}" />
       <rich:treeNodesAdaptor id="file" var="file" nodes="#{dir.files}">
       <h:commandLink action="#{file.click}" value="File: #{file.name}" />

      It works fine, but for some reason the order of directories and files is not correct: I see first the files and then the directories:


      But I want to have the 'normal' view (like Windows Explorer): first folders, then files. How can I reach this?

      Thanks for any help!