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    Portlet load time

    Bruce Springfield Apprentice

      Is there a way to view portlet load time? Can it be significant in portals? Looked in log file, but couldn't find the load time.

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          Prabhat Jha Master

          There is no out of the box way to see this time but I don't think this would be hard to get given that portlet lifecycle is fairly straight forward. Time difference between init call and towards the end of render call should do the job.

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            Thad West Newbie

            You don't want to put the start code in init, that only happens when the portlet is loaded in the container. We are using Spring, so our mechanism is a little different, but you would want to put timing code is a base portlet...time the action phase (which may not be executed), pass the action phase time via a render parm to the render phase, then time the render phase.