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    can get to jboss portal via localhost - nothing else can

    steve reinders Newbie

      - downloaded JBoss Portal + JBoss AS 4.2.2
      - unzipped and running on Windows XP SP2 and OS X 10.5.2 and OS X 10.4.11
      - going to http://localhost:8080/portal/index.html works
      - cannot get to it from any other machine

      Turned off firewalls on all of he machines. Still couldn't get in. The windows box is now a hungarian porn loader but the Macs are OK.

      Thought it was port, so I changed the port. No go.

      Thought it was router, so I connected directly and manually set IP addr's. Still no go.

      I can bring Alfresco up and get to it OK from all over.

      What am I missing ? I'm thinking it's really, really simple. Pity, please...

      Thank you